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welding corners

Manufacture and sale of door welding corners designed for plastic entrance doors in order to improve the torsional rigidity of the sash wiring.

The products are made exclusively from recycled window profiles and thus guarantee smooth weldability.

Injection is provided on modern ARBURG machines with robotic automation.

Our products

40 × 40 × 2–2,5 48 pcs V1S
40 × 40 × 2 48 pcs V2S
45 × 45 × 2–2,5 48 pcs V8S
50 × 40 × 2–2,5 48 pcs V3S
50 × 40 × 3 48 pcs V4S
50 × 45 × 2 48 pcs V9S
55 × 40 × 2 48 pcs V5S
55 × 40 × 3 48 pcs V5A
55 × 45 × 2 48 pcs V10S
55 × 45 × 2,5 48 pcs V10AS
60 × 40 × 2 48 pcs V6S
60 × 40 × 2,5 48 pcs V6VS
60 × 40 × 3 48 pcs V6ES
60 × 45 × 2 48 pcs V11S
60 × 45 × 2,5 48 pcs V11AS
60 × 45 × 4–4,5 48 pcs V12S
60 × 45 × 3 48 pcs V12A
60 × 40 × 2 48 pcs V7S
60 × 45 × 2 48 pcs V13S
60 × 45 × 3 48 pcs V14S

Door welding corners

Manufacture and sale of door welding corners designed for plastic entrance doors in order to improve the torsional rigidity of the sash. The products are made exclusively from recycled PVC window profiles without any additional additives and thus guarantee smooth weldability and maximum weld strength. The welding corners are applied to the reinforcement by means of a tearing (fixing) lever - it is therefore a tearing model of the welding corner.

Our products are suitable for plastic door profile systems VEKA, PROFINE, TROCAL, KOMMERLING, KBE, REHAU, SCHUCO, ALUPLAST, INOUTIC, DECEUNICK and SALAMANDER.

The production of these products is ensured by plastic injection on modern ARBURG machines with pre-drying of the input material and nitrided injection chamber and screws, robotic automation of FANUC handling of injected parts and a folding machine for assembling products into a folded state. Production capacity is 50,000 - 100,000 pcs / month. The quality of the injection molds is maintained in our own tool shop with ultrasonic cleaning baths.

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Trhací nerezová

Tear-off stainless steel lever

For the application of welding corners (fixation to the reinforcement) it is necessary to use this tearing lever, which is made and designed to place the corner in the plane of the wing profile and fix it in the upper part of the reinforcement along its entire length. The rupture lever is made of 3 mm stainless steel, which guarantees a long service life in production and does not allow any bending during application.

Let us remind customers that only this (our) tear-off lever is suitable for our welding horn, the tear-off levers of competing manufacturers may not, with their different shape, correctly fix the corner in the reinforcement and ensure correct placement in the plane with the wing profile!

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Atypical dimensions

Did you not find a dimension that would suit you among our products? We are able to produce any size of tear-off welding corners for you on the basis of a sample of your reinforcement or an anchored drawing of the internal and external dimension of the reinforcement.

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Packaging and Logistics


As a standard, we pack the products in no-name paper multilayer recycled boxes containing 48 pieces of welding corners. These productions are already pre-assembled (they contain a corner + wedge ready for the application position), so as to make the work of operators in the production of doors as easy as possible. 1 box weighs max. 7.2 Kg, which allows easy handling even for women in production. There are always 32 boxes on one pallet measuring 1000 x 1000 x 1000 mm and thus a total amount of 1536 pcs. The gross weight of one pallet is about 250 Kg.


We ship our products to customers in pallet quantities (whether combined pallets or pallets from one type of product) through the logistics company RABEN to the whole of Europe. Shipping is always valued individually based on ordered volumes.


We use plastic materials for production - residues from the production of windows and doors. In no case do we use waste plastics or residues from other productions than windows and doors. These residues are recycled in the form of plastic 8 mm filtered crumb (free of non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals, seals, protective foils, etc.) from which we produce without any additives. We carefully choose between residues that contain PVC stabilized only by zinc and not lead.

For packaging products we use only cardboard boxes with recycled paper.

Not only are our products high quality, but they also save the environment.

Application of the door corner to the reinforcement

We recommend door welding corners min. 24 hours before application in the winter months, warm to a temperature of min. 18 C. This will ensure proper weldability and the PVC will be tough enough to tear using the application lever.

We recommend setting the temperature of the welding mirrors in the range of 245 – 250 C.

We recommend setting the temperature of the cutting knives in the range of 35 – 40 C.

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